FAPT Vendor Services Master List Home-Based Therapeutic Foster Care Residential  
  (The) Arc of Greater Prince William - FY13 
  (The) Faison School for Autism - FY13 
  (The) House, Inc. - FY13 
  ABS Lincs VA, Inc. dba First Home Care - FY13 
  Accotink Academy - FY13 
  Adolescent Family Growth Center Inc - FY13 
  Adore Children & Family Services - FY13 
  Agape Mental Health & Consulting Services Inc - FY13 
  Alternative Paths Training School - FY13 
  Amen Clinics Inc - FY13 
  American Foundation for Family Attachment, Inc. - FY13 
  Associated Clinical Services - FY13 
  Attachment and Trauma Institute - FY13 
  Autumnleaf Group, Inc. - FY13 
  Avail Outreach, LLC - FY13 
  Battlefield Lighthouse dba SAVE Recovery Homes for Youth - FY13 
  Beverly Powell, M.D. - FY13 
  Braley Thompson - FY13 
  Brighter Day Therapeutic Solutions, PLLC - FY13 
  Calvary Counseling Center - FY13 
  Centra Health, Inc. ( Bridges Treatment Center) - FY13 
  Center for Autism & Related Disorders, Inc. - FY13 
  Center for Clinical Forensic Services, Inc - FY13 
  Childhelp, Inc. - Alice C. Tyler Village - FY13 
  Children's Services of Virginia Inc - FY13 
  Child and Family Counseling Center - FY13 
  Clinical Alternatives, P.C. - FY13 
  Community Alternatives of Virginia - FY13 
  Consolidated Educational Resources (TutorFind) - FY13 
  Counseling and Forensic Services, Inc - FY13 
  Cumberland Hospital for Children & Adolescents - FY13 
  Dale City Community Services Corp - FY13 
  Darryl L. DeBow - FY13 
  Dean Consulting Inc - FY13 
  Divinely Directed Services, Inc. - FY13 
  DNL Outreach. Ltd. dba Outreach House for Girls - FY13 
  Eagleton School, Inc. - FY13 
  Ed Murphy & Associates dba Fair Winds - FY13 
  Elk Hill Farm, Inc. - FY13 
  Employment Resources, Inc. - FY13 
  Enduring Connections PLC - FY13 
  ERB & Associates, LLC - FY13 
  Extra Special Parents - FY13 
  Ezra Neheniah Solomon dba ENS Youth Mentoring Partnership - FY13 
  Families First of Virginia Inc - FY 13 
  Family Insight, P.C. - FY13 
  Family Preservation Services Inc - FY13 
  Family Priority LLC - FY13 
  Family Teamwork Inc - FY13 
  Far Beyond LLC - FY13 
  FOCUS Group Solutions - FY13 
  For Children's Sake of Virginia - FY13 
  Forensic Psychology Center, Inc. - FY13 
  Gil Center for Healing & Play - FY13 
  Grafton - FY13 
  Hallmark Youthcare-Richmond, Inc. - FY13 
  Harbor Point Behavioral Health Center - FY13 
  Heritage Multicultural Programs & Services Inc. - FY13 
  HHC Poplar Springs dba Poplar Springs Hospital - FY13 
  HIS Service Center LLC - FY13 
  Hughes Center, LLC - FY13 
  Inova Health System - FY13 
  Institute for Family Centered Services - FY13 
  Intercept Youth Services - FY13 
  Jackson-Feild Homes, Inc. - FY13 
  James Barry Robinson Institute - FY13 
  Jeru Family Healing Center - FY13 
  Jill's House, Inc. - FY13 
  Keystone Newport News LLC - FY13 
  KidsPeace National Centers of North America Inc - FY13 
  King Clinical & Forensic Psychology LLC. - FY13 
  LEAD Center Ltd - FY13 
  Leap Ahead Inc - FY13 
  Leary Educational Foundation dba Timber Ridge School - FY13 
  Leroy Martin dba Elite Mentoring - FY13 
  Lutheran Family Services of Virginia - FY 13 
  Matthew's Center for Visual Learning - FY13 
  Minnieland Academy (Gainesville)- FY13 
  Multicultural Clinical Center - FY13 
  Murphy Homes LLC - FY13 
  National Counseling Group, Inc. - FY13 
  National Mentor Healthcare dba Family Advocacy of Virginia - FY13 
  NDUTIME Youth Family Services - FY13 
  New Horizon Childcare Center - FY13 
  Northern Virginia Family Service - FY13 
  Pediatric Services of America, Inc. dba PSA Healtchare - FY13 
  Phillips Programs - FY13 
  Phoenix Houses of the Mid-Atlantic - FY13 
  Phoenix Family Counseling Play Therapy Center- FY13 
  Prince William County Community Services - FY13 
  Prince William Family Counseling P C - FY13 
  Professional Education and Respite Service, Inc. - FY13 
  Psychiatric Solutions dba North Spring Behavioral Healthcare - FY13 
  Psychological & Life Skills Associates - FY13 
  Reaching Potentials, Inc. - FY13 
  Riverside Behavioral Centers, Inc. - FY13 
  Salman Siddiqui MD - FY13 
  Salveo Consulting PLLC - FY13 
  Solution-Focused Family Intervention, Inc. - FY13 
  St. Joseph's Villa - FY13 
  Step by Step Consulting - FY13 
  The Discovery School of Virginia for Girls - FY13 
  The Discovery School of Virginia, Inc. - FY13 
  The Group Therapy Center - FY13 
  Therapeutic Alliance, LLC - FY13 
  Thomas R. Hudson, LPC - FY13 
  Tree of Lilfe Christian Counseling Agency, LLC - FY13 
  Turning Point Home for Boys, Inc - FY13 
  UMFS - FY13 
  Victoria Transcultural Clinical Services - FY13 
  Virginia Home Based Counseling - FY13 
  Virginia Support Services - FY13 
  Virginia Home for Boys and Girls - FY13 
  We Hope, Inc. - FY13 
  William D. Ling, Ph.D., Inc. - FY13 
  Winwood Children's Center - FY13 
  Woodbridge Psychological Associates, PC - FY13 
  Youth for Tomorrow - New Life Center - FY13  
  Youth Residential Services of VA - FY13 
 CEL LLC (Tutor Find) 
 Debow, Darryl L. (N.VA Pre-Employment-Polygraph) 
 Family Psychiatric Associates 
 Forensic Psychology Associates 
 Security Secrets (Polygraph Service) 

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1 Complex County Court, Prince William, Virginia 22192