1904 Map of Maneuver Grounds
Prince William and Fairfax Counties, VA

Surveyed under the direction of Major Edward Burr, Corps of Engineers, June-July 1904, the map below shows a portion of Prince William County north of Broad Run and the railroad, and west of Old Centreville Road. Click on a numbered red circle below to view a corresponding copy of the original photo.

Originals are mounted in albums at The Library of Congress (LOC) and are cataloged as “Photographs taken at the Maneuvers Near Manassas, Va. September, 1904 by the Second Battalion of Engineers United States Army.”  Library of Congress LOT 6285 (G).

Duplicate copies of selected photos are also available at the National Archives, College Park, MD (NARA II), where they are cataloged as “Photographs of an Army Encampment at the Manassas, VA Battlefield, ca 1910.”

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