Building Development Forms Management System
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  The Building Development Forms Management System provides easy access to all forms related to the Building Development process and the Virginia Uniform Statewide Building Code.

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The page is organized by form name, date (red indicates less than 60 days old), functional area, type of project (residential or commercial) and trade area (building, structural, mechanical, plumbing, electrical, gas and fire protection). Each column can be sorted by clicking on the arrow at the top of the column. The reference column provides hyperlinks to information related to the form topic.

    Type Trade Area  
 Form Name:
 Functional Area
 Accessibility Certification Statement 5/16/2024  Plan Review  View
 After Hour Inspection Approval 5/1/2022  Inspections  View
 Amusement Device Certification 4/23/2021  Permitting  View
 Application Extension Request 2/15/2022  Permitting  
 Asbestos Release Form 6/7/2020  Plan Review  View
 Attendees of Preconstruction Meeting 12/1/2011  Spec. Inspections  View
 Backflow Device Test Report 5/1/2022  Inspections  
 Building Inspection Certification 5/1/2022  Inspections  View
 Building Pad Certification 5/1/2022  Inspections  View
 Building Permit Application 9/7/2021  Permitting  
 Code Modification Request 5/4/2021  Plan Review  
 Code Modification Request for Industrialized Buildings 6/7/2020  Plan Review  
 Commercial Freestanding Sign Plan Checklist ELECTRONIC 9/9/2021  Plan Review  
 Commercial Pool and Spa Circulation Design Form 2/27/2017  Plan Review  
 Commercial Pools, Spas, and Hot Tubs Inspections Certification 2/9/2023  Plan Review  
 Commercial Swimming Pools, Spas, & Hot Tubs Checklist ELECTRONIC 2/13/2023  Plan Review  
 Construction Field Revision 5/1/2022  Inspections  View
 Contact Information Form 1/18/2023  Plan Review  View
 Daily Summary Inspection Report - Building Certification 5/1/2022  Inspections  View
 Data Center New Structure Request Form 4/5/2021  Plan Review  
 Deficiency List 12/1/2011  Spec. Inspections  View
 Demolition Checklist ELECTRONIC 2/13/2023  Plan Review  
 Electrical & Plumbing Certification 5/1/2022  Inspections  View
 Electrical Permit Application 6/18/2020  Permitting  
 Electrical Post Damage Report 7/10/2023  Inspections  
 Energy Envelope and Roof Covering Certification 5/1/2022  Inspections  View
 Equipment / Furniture Storage Request 1/23/2013  Permitting  
 Existing Chimney Vent Inspection Certification 5/1/2022  Inspections  View
 Expedited Commercial Plan Review Application 11/12/2015  Plan Review  View
 Farm Building and Structure 11/21/2022  Plan Review  
 Final Report of Special Inspections 7/1/2021  Spec. Inspections  View
 Fire Protection Permit Application 8/10/2020  Permitting  
 Fire Rated Assembly Construction Field Revision 5/1/2022  Inspections  View
 Fire Rated Assembly Engineering Judgment 5/22/2019  Plan Review  
 FMO ePlan QA Checklist 7/1/2021  Plan Review  
 Footing Foundation Checklist Data Centers 2/13/2023  Plan Review  
 Footing Foundation Checklist ELECTRONIC 2/13/2023  Plan Review  
 Framing & Rough-In Permit Application 7/1/2021  Permitting  View
 Gas Piping Certification 5/1/2022  Inspections  View
 Gas Piping Permit Application 6/18/2020  Permitting  
 Grinder Pump Tank Inspection Certification (Residential) 5/1/2022  Inspections  View
 Home Improvement Contractor License Application 2/8/2016  Permitting  View
 Home Improvement Contractors Surety Bond 3/19/2009  Permitting  View
 HVAC Certified Load Calculations 5/1/2022  Inspections  View
 Industrialized Buildings Checklist Electronic 2/13/2023  Plan Review  
 Inspected Small Mechanical Ride Verification 7/4/2015  Permitting  View
 JOE Program Success Checklist 3/31/2023  Permitting  
 Joint Occupancy Evaluation Permit Application (Commercial) 3/27/2023  Permitting  View
 Limited Service and Repair Permit Application (Residential) 7/15/2020  Permitting  
 Limited Service Permit Certification of Compliance 5/1/2022  Inspections  
 Lot Stabilization Escrow 6/21/2018  Permitting  
 Low Voltage Permit Requirements 7/7/2021  Plan Review  
 Master File Plan Application 1/20/2022  Plan Review  View
 Master File Plans Inspection Summary Sheet 5/1/2022  Inspections  View
 Mechanical Permit Application 6/17/2020  Permitting  
 New Structures Additions Checklist Data Centers 7/8/2021  Plan Review  
 New Structures and Additions Commercial Plans Checklist ELECTRONIC 2/13/2023  Plan Review  View
 Night Club Definition Worksheet 4/22/2021  Plan Review  
 Occupant Load Card Calculation 1/9/2015  Plan Review  View
 Owner / Agent Waiver Form 6/21/2020  Plan Review  
 Permit Extension Request 2/15/2022  Permitting  
 Permit Reinstatement Request 2/15/2022  Permitting  
 Plumbing Permit Application 6/21/2020  Permitting  
 Professional Engineer or Registered Architect Waiver Form 8/30/2013  Plan Review  View
 Property Owner Notification Request Form 7/10/2024  Permitting  
 Quality Control Inspection Report 5/1/2022  Inspections  View
 Request For Document 6/21/2020  Plan Review  
 Residential Air Leakage Certification 5/1/2023  Inspections  
 Residential Duct Leakage Test Certification 5/1/2023  Inspections  
 Residential Insulation Certificate 5/1/2023  Inspections  
 Residential Load Calculation Worksheet 5/1/2022  Inspections  
 Residential Pool and Spa Circulation Design Form 7/8/2021  Plan Review  
 Residential Pools, Spas, and Hot Tubs Barrier Installation Responsible Party Form 7/2/2021  Plan Review  
 Residential Pools, Spas, and Hot Tubs Inspections Certification 5/1/2022  Inspections  
 Residential Pools, Spas, and Hot Tubs Plan Review Checklist ELECTRONIC 7/28/2021  Plan Review  
 Residential Solar Energy Systems Checklist 11/3/2021  Plan Review  View
 Residential SolarAPP+ Worksheet 2/19/2024  Plan Review  
 Resubmission - Revision Checklist 6/23/2020  Plan Review  View
 Retaining Wall Geometry and Layout Certification 5/1/2022  Inspections  View
 Retaining Wall Inspection Certification 5/1/2022  Inspections  View
 Shell Building Request Form 7/29/2021  Plan Review  View
 Single Family Dwelling, Townhouse & Additions Cover Sheet 7/9/2021  Plan Review  
 Solar Energy Systems - Inspection Certification 5/1/2022  Inspections  View
 Solar Energy Systems - Residential Rooftop-Mounted Photovoltaic Systems Worksheet 9/1/2023  Plan Review  View
 Solar Energy Systems - Small, Micro Inverter / AC System LoadSide 10/3/2023  Plan Review  
 Solar Energy Systems - Small, Micro Inverter / AC System Supply Side 9/1/2023  Plan Review  View
 Solar Energy Systems - Small, Single Inverter System Load Side 10/3/2023  Plan Review  
 Solar Energy Systems - Small, Single Inverter System Supply Side 10/3/2023  Plan Review  View
 Solar Energy Systems - Tax Exemption 5/6/2011  Permitting  View
 Statement of Exemption 6/23/2020  Permitting  
 Statement of Special Inspections - Buildings 6/23/2020  Spec. Inspections  View
 Statement of Special Inspections - Retaining Walls 7/1/2021  Spec. Inspections  View
 Storage Tank Permit Application (Underground/Above Ground) 6/25/2020  Permitting  
 Story Above Grade Certification 5/1/2016  Plan Review  View
 Structural Slab Plan Cover Sheet 1/9/2015  Plan Review  View
 Superseded Project Request Form 7/8/2021  Plan Review  View
 Temporary Sales Trailer Checklist ELECTRONIC 2/13/2023  Plan Review  
 Tenant Layout Alteration And Repair Commercial Checklist ELECTRONIC 2/13/2023  Plan Review  View
 Third Party Application 5/1/2022  Inspections  View
 Trailer with Generator Over 30 Feet Away 7/9/2021  Plan Review  
 Trailer with Generator Within 30 Feet 7/9/2021  Plan Review  
 Trailer with Temporary Service Over 30 Feet Away 7/28/2021  Plan Review  
 Trailer with Temporary Service Within 30 Feet 7/28/2021  Plan Review  
 Truss Plan Cover Sheet 10/19/2014  Plan Review  View